4L60E-4L65E-4L70E Cable Drive Conversion

Our 1998 and up 4L60E, 4L65E , and 4L70E conversion keeps your VSS fully functional and ads a cable drive to your tail housing. This is not an adapter for another style tail housing that requires you to move your cross member. You send us your tail housing and we modify and send it back with a speedometer gear adapter that clamps onto the shaft and along with a drive and driven gears matched to your axle ratio and tire size.

We can modify the tail housing types as shown in the pictures. Standard 2 wheel drive tail housings and the 4th gen Camaro housing. You can easily identify a 98 and up transmission. It has a removable bell housing.

You will need to remove reluctor to install the speedometer gear. You must pull and press the reluctor back on, hammering on it will severely damage the transmission.
Instructions are included for this.

Price is $350 plus return shipping.

We also have modified housings for sale (not Camaro style) for $400 plus shipping.

Please contact us for availability.

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