Speedometer Gear Adapter, T5 S10 Front shift for Ford and Camaro T5’s

Speedometer Gear Adapter for adapting a T5 S10 front shift tail housing to Ford and Camaro T5 transmissions.
When using a S10 front shift tail housing on a Ford T5’s or Camaro V8 T5’s this kit relocates the speedometer gear to the correct location on the main shaft. There is no drilling of the shaft to weaken it, and no epoxy needed. This is a simple bolt on kit. The only special tool needed is an Allen wrench.

Included in the kit is a custom made split sleeve to fit your application, a shaft collar, a speedometer gear retaining clip, a specially modified GM 7 or 9 tooth drive gear, thread locker, and a set of instructions.

We will need you to measure your output shaft as shown in the picture. We have found a number of different sizes on the output shaft so measuring is necessary. This kit is made to order, so give us a few days to make and ship it.

Harbor Freight sells a digital caliper for around $15 and it will work well for this.

Cost is $75 plus $7 priority mail shipping.

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